Cummins Generator Set DYDL-C330

  • Model: DYDL-C330
  • Main power: 300(KW)
  • Weight: 2950(kg)
  • Standby power: 330(KW)
  • Size: 3270¡ Á1190¡ Á1610(m
  • Apparent power: 375(kva)

  • Diesel engine cooling water tank material: DAIYUAN special water tank
  • Diesel engine cooling water tank cooling fin spacing: 0.80CM
  • Fuel tank material: 2MM high-quality cold-rolled steel plate
  • Muffler box: honeycomb double-layer industrial muffler
  • Shock absorbing pad: bowl or square rubber shock-absorbing pad
  • Battery: Camel brand maintenance-free battery


DAIYUAN solemnly promises you: Guarantee the new original model according to the contract requirements, genuine guarantee, fake one penalty ten, and resolutely do not use low power to pretend to be high power. The above commitments are all written into the contract, and we guarantee that the customer’s prosecution against us has no time limit and will never expire.

DAIYUAN promises to assist customers in need to identify the authenticity and real power of diesel generator sets at the request of customers. The identification results of the local after-sales service station of the diesel engine brand shall prevail. The customer shall contact the identification matters, and the cost shall be borne by DAIYUAN.

DAIYUAN promises the same configuration, lower price; same price, higher configuration. If it is a diesel generator set with the same configuration, as long as you find that the price of your peers is lower than ours within one month, DAIYUAN will refund the difference.

DAIYUAN solemnly promises you: 7 days no reason to return or exchange, 24 hours online after-sale, and lifetime tracking service for all units.

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